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Managing In-House Relationships - Introduction
Managing In-House Relationship - Intermediate
Managing In-House Relationships - Advanced


We provide tools, training and consultation to help law firms retain and grow relationships with corporate clients; and to help corporate law departments effectively and efficiently manage outside counsel.

For law firms, we provide multi-level training, developed to match the experience levels of client-facing law firm lawyers, on how to understand the world of corporate in-house counsel.  

For corporate law departments, we provide training on how to effectively manage outside counsel to lower costs, drive efficiency, budget adherence and best practices in matter management.

For individuals, we provide career counseling on navigating and succeeding in the corporate environment.

  • Targeted to Lawyers 6 - 10 Years in practice

  • Provides fundamentals of understanding the corporate structure and environment;

  • Teaches basic tenets of successful relationship building.

Individual Coaching
  • On difficult client management situations

  • Budget disruption

  • How to renegotiate fee agreements

  • Delivering bad news

  • Setting expectations

  • Strategic career counseling

  • Targeted to Lawyers at Junior Partner, Of Counsel, Non-Equity Partner Level

  • How to constructively change the somtimes antagonistic relationship between law firms and corporate clients ;

  • Demystifies the budget dilemma;

  • Trains practice management processes that create success;

  • Identifies alternatives to traditional hourly billing that speaks your clients’ language;

  • Prepares lawyers to become trusted partners and advisors to clients.

  • Targeted to Law Firm Management and Equity Partners

  • Positioning your firm for more business;

  • Changing the client management formula;

  • Delivering the impactful pitch;

  • Making the right connections and the importance of firm culture;

  • Deciphering C-Suite power dynamics;

  • Being prepared for inevitable change.

Corporate Counsel Training
  • Matter management and billing policies

  • Budget adherence including historic input, task-based budgets, updates andcourse corrections

  • Establishing credibility and building relationships with business leaders.

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